Image and Video Upload

The Home for Your Customer's Memories

BabyFlix understands the importance of family and family bonding and helps get the bonding process started early by making it easy for you to share the happiest time of their life with those who matter most. Whether they want to share the gender of their baby or just highlight those already visible family resemblances, BabyFlix makes it easy to show off their baby’s best side, whether that’s stretching, yawning or smiling.

Create a beautiful online tribute for your customer’s baby

BabyFlix, in addition to an advanced streaming platform, is a website portal that creates a virtual yet permanent living tribute for your client’s new baby.  One that can be easily shared with anyone, anywhere in the world, using a smartphone, tablet or computer.  It’s like a private Facebook, Instagram and YouTube wrapped in one easy to use service. Load stills and video to your customer’s accounts.  Playback on any device – mobile, computer or TV.